Who said that beautiful stories come to an end? You're part of our history at Raviolificio Biellese !

Ravioli di pasta fresca


Based in Cossato, in the province of Biella, Raviolificio Biellese specializes in the production of different types of fresh home-made pasta, such as fresh egg pasta, fresh wheat pasta, and filled pasta, using delicious traditional Piedmontese recipes, every day.

filled PASTA 

Just like the ancient Piedmontese gastronomic tradition, Raviolificio Biellese prepares specialities with filled pasta, such as the famous ravioli, tortellini with raw ham and many other delicacies.

PASTA ripiena

gastronomia & Desserts

Every day, in addition to fresh and filled pasta, Raviolificio Biellese offers traditional Italian cuisine and a wide choice of desserts.



Raviolificio Biellese di Cossato, in the province of Biella, offers traditional Piedmontese dishes, prepared with passion and creativity, following typical recipes. All the ingredients that make up the various dishes are carefully selected to guarantee richness of taste and genuineness, and to let you try the true flavours of tradition.

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